Real Estate

Apply for a Broker License

To become a licensed Broker an individual must:

  1. Meet the statutory licensing qualifications of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, reputation, and competency. (Utah Code Annotated 61-2f)
    Note: Administrative Rules R162-2f-201 , provides additional detail about how an applicant’s criminal history and other relevant factors affect the applicant’s qualification for licensure, see R162-2f-201(1) and R162-2f-201(2) .
  2. Within the past five-year period (preceding the date of application), have three years full-time, licensed, active real estate experience; or two years full-time, licensed, active, real estate experience and one year full-time professional real estate experience from the optional experience table 3 in the Appendix of Administrative Rule R162-2f-202b .
  3. Within the five-year period (preceding the date of application), accumulate a total of at least 60 documented experience points complying with R162-2f-401a. Experience points tables 1 & 2 are found in R162-2f-501 , appendices.
  4. Complete and pass 120 hours of approved education at a certified Real Estate Pre-Licensing School  consisting of:
    • Part 1 Utah Law 30 Hours, including 3 hours testing
    • Part 2 Broker Principles (Fundamentals) 45 Hours, including 4 hours of testing
    • Part 3 Broker Practices (Broker Level) 45 Hours, including 4 hours of testing
  5. Take and pass the Broker Exam from State Approved Testing Vendor.
  6. Submit an application to the Division and Include the checklist  to ensure a complete application.:
    • Checklist 
    • Completed and signed application (issued at the testing center).
    • Signed original school certificates (issued by the real estate school) or Education Waiver (issued by the Division).
    • Signed and Notarized Broker Experience Documentation Form  showing at least three years of qualifying experience.
    • Completed and signed Broker Transaction Log  or Broker Property Management Log  showing at least 60 experience points within the five years proceeding application.
    • Signed and notarized Broker Verification Form  completed by each Broker with whom the applicant has affiliated during the five years proceeding application.
      Note: Forms must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the broker's signature across the seal.
    • For Principal and Branch Brokers, a notarized letter on the company’s letterhead, signed by a company Officer, Manager/Member or Owner, authorizing the Broker to use the company name.
    • Two fingerprint cards (Blue FD-258) or receipt of digital fingerprints submission.
    • $163 total non-refundable fee ($100 application fee, $18 recovery fund fee, $40 fingerprint processing fee and $5 rap back fee).
    • Completed Certification of Legal Presence 

Note: Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant. Application fees are non refundable.