Apply for an Appraiser Trainee License

To become an Appraiser Trainee an individual must:

*If you are taking a PAREA module, you do not need to register as a Trainee*
  1. Take 81 hours of required education from an approved education provider
  2. Find a Trainee Supervisor . Supervisor must be a Certified Residential Appraiser or General Appraiser who is licensed, active, has completed the Supervisory Appraiser and Appraiser Trainee Course, and is in good standing with the state of Utah. Please see detailed supervisor requirements by selecting the Appraiser Trainee Supervisor button at the top.
  3. Complete all sections of the Appraisal Trainee Registration Packet . This checklist will help you in submitting a complete application and is included with your registration form. Include all of the following with your application:
    • Checklist
    • Appraiser Trainee Registration
    • Appraiser Trainee Questionnaire
    • Appraiser Education Log
    • Education Certificates, including Supervisory Appraiser and Appraiser Trainee Course
    • Two fingerprint cards
    • Consent to Background Check
    • Certificate of Legal Presence
    • $145 non-refundable registration fee ($100 application fee, $40 fingerprint processing fee, and $5 RapBack fee)