Course and Instructor License Applications

Continuing Education Course Approval

The division and the board may not award continuing education credit for a course that is taught in Utah to registered, licensed, or certified appraisers unless the course is registered or certified prior to its being taught.

To certify a continuing education course, an applicant shall, at least 30 days prior to the course being taught, submit a completed application to include the following:

  • Completed Appraiser Continuing Education Course Application
  • $75 Course Application Fee (for 2 year approval)
  • Instructor License number for a previously approved Appraiser CE Instructor or new Appraiser Instructor Application
  • Copy of all course materials
  • Copy of written policy and procedure for ensuring student attendance during class time
  • Course outline that provides subject matter description for each 15 minute interval - Please submit AQB Approval letter if available. (A class hour is 60 minutes of which at least 50 minutes are instruction attended by the student. The prescribed number of class hours includes time for examinations)
  • IDECC approval (distance education courses only)
  • Instructions for accessing and reviewing course (distance education only)

The following is a list course topics that are allowed:

  • Ad valorem taxation
  • Arbitration, dispute resolution
  • Courses related to the practice of real estate appraisal or consulting
  • Development cost estimating
  • Ethics and standards of professional practice, USPAP
  • Land use planning, zoning
  • Management, leasing, timesharing
  • Property development, partial interests
  • Real estate law, easements, and legal interests
  • Real estate litigation, damages, condemnation
  • Real estate financing and investment
  • Real estate appraisal related computer applications
  • Real estate securities and syndication
  • Developing opinions of real property value in appraisals that also include personal property and/or business value
  • Seller concessions and impact on value
  • Energy efficient items and "green building" appraisals