Continuing Education Requirements and Approved Courses

How many hours are required?

Appraiser Trainees, Licensed Appraisers and Certified Appraisers renew their licenses every two years. 28 total hours of Continuing Education are required to be eligible for on time renewal. Seven of the 28 total hours must include an approved 7 Hour USPAP Update Course. (Please note that the 15 hour USPAP update does not satisfy this requirement). Qualifying Education courses do count towards CE requirements.

CE hours completed in excess of the 28 hour requirement do not roll over to the next renewal cycle. CE only counts towards the current renewal cycle and resets at the time of each renewal.

How are hours recorded to my account?

Approved CE providers will record completed CE hours to licensees online accounts. In order to give education providers substantial time to record the CE to a licensees account, the Division requires, by rule, that a licensees complete all required CE by the 15th day of the licensees renewal month. CE taken after the 15th day of the renewal month will still be counted, however, the licensee takes the risk that the CE hours will not be recorded into their account until after the licensees expiration date.

CE taken for an appraiser license or certification in a state other than Utah may be approved for credit in Utah. Please use this form to submit a request for review of non-certified CE hours. Courses that are approved in both Utah and another state must be recorded to a licensees account by the CE Provider. Please make sure you supply CE providers your Utah license or certification number, so that they can credit the hours towards your Utah license in addition to other licenses you hold.