Appraisal Management Companies


AMC renewal is required every two years on the last day of the month that you were originally registered in. (ex: initial registration issued 7/16/2021 - renewal will be required by 7/31/2023 and then every two years thereafter, by July 31st.

In order to renew on time, please complete and submit the following renewal application before the AMC’s registration expiration date.

A registration expires if it is not renewed on or before its expiration date. There is a one year reinstatement period wherein the registration may be reinstated by completing the renewal requirements and paying a late fee of $50 (within the first 30 days) or a reinstatement fee of $100 (within one year of expiration).

During the time a registration is expired, the AMC must cease all AMC related business in the state of Utah until the time that the license has been reinstated.

Please note that there is an annual reporting requirement for the AMC National Registry that is due annually in May. This is separate from your renewal. Forms and instructions will be provided to each actively registered AMC in the months preceding the due date.