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Sales Agent & Broker Renewals

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the New Agent course and who needs to take it?

All new Real Estate Agents (licensed July 1, 2007 - present) are required to take the 12 Hour New Agent Course in order to renew their license.

*This course is also qualified as a Core Course and could be used to towards CE requirements.

Do I need CE if my license is inactive?

CE is not required if renewing as inactive, as long as the license is renewed on time. If an inactive license expires, past 30 days, that license is subject to the same requirements as for an active license.

What happens if my license expires?

Licensees may be renewed late online within 30 days past expiration with a $50 late fee.

*Remember, if your license is inactive, you will need CE to renew an expired license past 30 days..

What if my license is expired longer than 30 days?

To reinstate a license after 30 days and within six months past expiration, you must submit renewal online. You must also:

  • Complete at least 24 hours of certified Real Estate CE courses, including 9 hours of core topic courses (highlighted in yellow).
    Note:You may obtain credit for a non-certified course by submitting to the Division the Non-Certified Continuing Education Credit Request.
  • For an active license, a Change Card (submitted through RELMS) and non-refundable $15 fee is required to re-activate the license.
  • For Sales Agents, $60 non-refundable fee.
  • For Brokers, $66 non-refundable fee.
  • $100 non-refundable reinstatement fee.
  • For Principal or Branch Brokers, documentation, less than 30 days old, from a Utah financial institution verifying a real estate trust account on which the Broker is a signatory.
  • For Principal Brokers the Utah Division of Corporations must show the company is current and in good standing.

To reinstate a license after six months and within 12 months past expiration, complete (in addition to the reinstatement items above) to the Division:

  • A total of 42 hours of approved continuing education from an approved continuing education provider - 18 hours for renewal and an additional 24 hours to reinstate. 

Licenses expired for more than one year are not eligible for reinstatement and Utah law requires that licensees reapply as a new applicant.

Note: Renewal and reinstatement applicants must complete the process online.

Licenses are valid for a two-year period and must be renewed no sooner than six weeks prior to and no later than the expiration date.  The expiration date is printed on the license and can also be found on the Division's Licensee Database.

NOTE: Renewal requirements must be completed prior to renewing your license.  If your license expires, you cannot work until the license is reinstated.  Your application is subject to audit for compliance with all renewal requirements.

To renew a license an individual must:

  1. Complete 18 hours of certified Real Estate Continuing Education Courses every renewal cycle, including 9 hours of approved core topic courses. Education must be completed by the 15th of the month of renewal in order to ensure an on-time renewal. All new Real Estate Agents (licensed July 1, 2007 - present) are required to take the 12 Hour New Agent Course in order to renew their license.*
  2. Collect your license number, social security number, and debit or credit card.
  3. Click here to renew online.
    Note: Licenses must be renewed online.  CE is not required if renewing as inactive. Later changing to active status requires proof of 18 hours of CE.