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Appraiser Trainee

Frequently Asked Questions
Who must license?
According to Utah law, a license is required for any individual who prepares, for valuable consideration, an appraisal, appraisal report, certified appraisal report, or performs a consultation service relating to real estate. (UCA 61-2b-3)
Who is exempt from licensing?
A license is not required for the following individuals who give an opinion regarding the value of real estate (but an opinion of value may not be referred to as an "appraisal"):
  • A licensed real estate Broker or Sales Agent who gives an opinion of value in the ordinary course of business.
  • An employee of a company who gives an opinion of value solely for the company‚Äôs use.
  • Any government official or employee acting within their scope of duties.
  • An auditor or accountant who gives an opinion of value while performing an audit.
  • An individual who gives an opinion of value for property in which the individual has an ownership interest.
  • An individual who gives an opinion of value for which no consideration is paid and upon which no other party is reasonably expected to rely.
  • An individual, such as a researcher or secretary, who does not provide significant professional assistance at arriving at analysis, opinion, or conclusion.
  • An attorney authorized to practice law in Utah who uses an appraisal report or who states an opinion of value in the ordinary course of business.
How do I obtain a Temporary Practice Permit for a non-resident?
The State of Utah may issue a six-month Temporary Practice Permit to a non-resident who holds a license/certificate for real estate appraisal from another jurisdiction, if the license/certificate is in good standing and the nature of the business is temporary.

To obtain the Permit, submit to the Division:

NOTE: No more than 2 permits will be issued per calendar year.

How do I obtain a license through reciprocity?
To apply for a license through reciprocity, submit to the Division:
  • Completed and signed Appraiser Reciprocity Application.
  • Letter of Request from the applicant, which includes a list of all other states in which the applicant is licensed or certified, including those states in which you may have sought only temporary status.
  • $430 non-refundable fee ($350 application fee and $80 National Registry fee).

To become an appraiser Trainee an individual must:

  1. Take 81 hours of required education from an approved education provider
  2. Find a Trainee Supervisor – Supervisor must be a Certified Residential Appraiser or General Appraiser who is licensed, active, has completed the Supervisory Appraiser and Appraiser Trainee Course, and is in good standing with the state of Utah.  Please see detailed supervisor requirements here.
  3. Complete all sections of the Appraisal Trainee Registration Packet. The checklist will help you in submitting a complete application and is included with your registration form. Include all of the following with your application:
    • Checklist
    • Appraiser Trainee Registration
    • Appraiser Trainee Questionnaire
    • Appraiser Education Log
    • Education Certificates, including Supervisory Appraiser and Appraiser Trainee Course
    • Two fingerprint cards
    • Letter of Waiver
    • Certificate of Legal Presence
    • $140 non-refundable registration fee ($100 application fee and $40 fingerprint processing fee)