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Renew License / Certification

Licenses and certifications are valid for a two-year period and must be renewed no sooner than three months prior to and no later than the expiration date. The expiration date is printed on the license and can also be found on the Division's License Verification System.

NOTE: Renewal requirements must be completed prior to renewing your license. If your license expires, you cannot work until the license is reinstated. Your application is subject to audit for compliance with all renewal requirements.

  1. Before you can renew your appraisal license an individual must complete a RAP Back Fingerprinting Requirement. Please read the following information and instructions:.
  2. If you reside outside of Utah and cannot visit a Utah fingerprinting facility, you will need to have your fingerprints taken on two Blue FD-258 cards and mail them in to the Division. Please submit physical cards to the Division as early in your renewal window as possible due to a longer processing time being required (up to 30 days).

  3. Prior to renewing, you must complete education totaling at least 28 hours of certified Appraisal Continuing Education Courses, including the 7-hour National USPAP Update Course

    In State Education:  Qualifying and Continuing Education (CE) courses taken in Utah must be certified by the Division at the time the course(s) was/were taken. 
    Out of State EducationQualifying and Continuing Education (CE) courses that were taken outside of Utah that have not been certified by the Division MAY QUALIFY for credit.  Complete and submit a Non-Certified Continuing Education Credit Request Form if you would like your non-Certified out of state CE considered for credit.  Such requests should be submitted to the Division of Real Estate no later than 30 days prior to the licensee’s license expiration date.

    Education must be taken by the 15th of the month of renewal in order to ensure an on-time license renewal.

  4. After completing items 1 and 2 above, collect your RELMS username and password, your license number, social security number, and debit or credit card.  To renew a license you must complete the process on the Real Estate Licensing Management System (RELMS).

To read the Notice of Appraisal License Renewal email instructions click here:
The cost to renew your appraisal license, payable through RELMS, is a non-refundable fee of $375 ($330 renewal, $40 fingerprint processing, and $5 RAP Back fee).