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Getting Them To Jump - The Art and Science of Student Engagement
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Instructor Development Workshop
October 28 & 29, 2013
Park City Marriott

The Division of Real Estate will be holding our annual Instructor Development Workshop (IDW), Monday and Tuesday October 28 and 29, 2013 at the Park City Marriott.

Due to the large amount of positive reviews from last year's IDW, this year's speaker will again be Len Elder from Arizona.  Len is the author of the IDW textbook, Ovation – How to Present Like a Pro.  In addition to this, Mr. Elder has taught several Instructor Development courses throughout the United States and he has a B.A. in Speech Communications and J.D. in Law from Capital University Law School.  Mr. Elder is the CEO of Course Creators and the school administrator responsible for course writing and development and the training and supervision for real estate instructors.

Division speakers for this event will be Division Director Jonathan Stewart, Chief Investigator Jeff Nielsen, and Education Licensing Director, Mark Fagergren.  The Division will present current information on our industries and Division changes during the morning session, Monday, October 28.  An open discussion and question/answers with invited guests will also be included.

For all pre-license instructors, it is required by Administrative Rule to attend a Utah IDW once every two years.  Attendance for both days is necessary to satisfy this requirement.  This year, we are also offering credit to real estate licensees for continuing education.  Attendees will receive 13 hours of core continuing education credit.  Credit will be given in full day segments only.  Mortgage and appraisal instructors are invited to this course despite not being allowing continuing education credit by the NMLS and ASC.

The registration fee for the two-day IDW is $75, or $50 if you wish to attend only one day (light breakfast and lunch are included).  The registration deadline is October 7, 2013.  A $20 late fee will be applied to all registrations received after October 7, 2013.