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Instructor Development Workshop
October 14 & 15, 2015
Park City Marriott

The Division of Real Estate will be holding our annual Instructor Development Workshop (IDW), Wednesday and Thursday October 14 and 15, 2015 at the Park City Marriott. Our speaker this year will be Deborah Long!

Since 1994, Deborah has traveled around the United States, sharing her research, expertise, and provocative insights with real estate professionals, home inspectors, surveyors, engineers, and basically anyone who will listen. A career educator, Deborah has been certified as an ethics trainer by the Josephson Institute of Ethics and earned her doctorate in adult education. Her research on the effect of ethics instruction on Florida real estate agents created a firestorm of controversy and interest. Deborah was recognized as North Carolina’s Real Estate Educator of the Year by the NC Real Estate Educators Association, and her ethics courses have achieved national recognition. Deborah is the author of more than 20 real estate textbooks, including Doing the Right Thing: A Real Estate Practitioner's Guide to Ethical Decision Making, which is in its 4th edition. Deborah currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a town famous for its rabid love of sports, The University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan, and BBQ pork.

Division speakers for this event will be Division Director Jonathan Stewart, Chief Investigator Jeff Nielsen, and Education and Licensing Director, Mark Fagergren.  The Division will present current information on our industries and Division changes during the morning session, Wednesday, October 14th.

NOTE: Attendance at the two-day IDW is REQUIRED once every two years for all real estate, mortgage, and appraiser pre-licensing instructors. Mortgage and appraisal continuing education instructors are invited to this course although no CE credit can be given. Only Real Estate instructors (pre-license and continuing education) as well as attending real estate licensees, will receive 13 hours of core continuing education credit for attendance at this outstanding training event. Please keep in mind that CE credits are only awarded in full-day segments.

The registration fee for the two day IDW is $75, or $50 if you wish to attend only one day (light breakfast and lunch are included).  The registration deadline is October 2nd, 2015.  A $20 fee will be applied to all registrations received after October 2nd, 2015.